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Monday Motivation: Starting a Day with Vitamin O and Vitamin F

October 10, 2022

This is a perfect blog to repost three years after it was written because it still remains so true. I hope it inspires you today to get some of the “right vitamins” for your own life.

Women TIES

Inspiration, Monday Motivation, Love on this Columbus Day for Women and Women Entrepreneurs

Ever since leaving the soft green hues of Sanibel Island’s warm waters two weeks ago where swimming, kayaking and long walks on the beach with my family, enveloped me in fun and fitness, I have missed feeling so healthy, whole and happy when outdoors in the elements.

Outdoors is where I want to reside as often as I can to feel the wind on my face, and even my hairless noggin, where I’ve come to accept my health condition of alopecia. If anything the struggles of the past year accepting the loss of all my hair, stripping me to my emotional and physical core and altering my identity, I’ve refocused a majority of my life on what brings me everyday joy – joy I can control.

As the cool 55 degree morning with brisk wind greeted me…

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