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Monday Motivation: Starting a Day with Vitamin O and Vitamin F

October 14, 2019

Inspiration, Monday Motivation, Love on this Columbus Day for Women and Women Entrepreneurs

Ever since leaving the soft green hues of Sanibel Island’s warm waters two weeks ago where swimming, kayaking and long walks on the beach with my family, enveloped me in fun and fitness, I have missed feeling so healthy, whole and happy when outdoors in the elements.

Outdoors is where I want to reside as often as I can to feel the wind on my face, and even my hairless noggin, where I’ve come to accept my health condition of alopecia. If anything the struggles of the past year accepting the loss of all my hair, stripping me to my emotional and physical core and altering my identity, I’ve refocused a majority of my life on what brings me everyday joy – joy I can control.

As the cool 55 degree morning with brisk wind greeted me as I opened up my door, I knew immediately I needed a 15 mile bike ride before starting work promoting women entrepreneurs, women in sports and equality issues. How could I start my work week, especially on this Columbus Day when so many people are off of work, without giving myself the gift of the outdoors, fitness and joy? I’ve learned in a year full of health disappointments, that I can’t. A shot of Vitamin O (Vitamin Outdoors) and Vitamin F (Vitamin Fitness) are the only way to start my day.

As I glided over brittle, brown, orange and bright red leaves, under my bicycle tires, staring over my shoulders to the beautiful lake water, zipping past runners and people walking their pets, I felt a rush of happiness overwhelm me. In the middle of the typical long path, two women stopped to take a selfie but needed help. “Can you take a photo of us please?” Sure I replied as I jumped off my bike telling them I’ll do anything for women! They were so excited I helped. How easy the ask and gesture.

Deciding eight miles of biking in the fresh air wasn’t enough time, I continued over the green bridge to the other side of the park to bike an additional 7 miles, stopping once to take a photo of the yellow leaves and lapping lake water. Still feeling fresh, I turned my bike into the wind to pedal much harder back to my car past couples with children, sisters chatting, husbands running with wives biking and park workers setting up holiday displays.

Deciding to treat myself to an autumn flavored cold brew from Dunkin’ Donuts, the joy overflowed again as I told the cashier I wanted to buy the person behind me a coffee. I looked in my mirror to see a gentleman. Not caring it wasn’t a woman for once in my life, I told the cashier to tell him to “Have a HAPPY Day” she said she would as I drove away making myself even happier than I was after exercising.

Some day’s we need Monday Motivations to get up and face the work week, some day’s we don’t. I believe if you fill your morning with joyful beginnings, like exercise, helping others or simply gifting someone something unexpected, you give yourself all the motivation you need to have a great start to your week.

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  1. October 10, 2022 9:03 am

    Reblogged this on Women TIES and commented:

    This is a perfect blog to repost three years after it was written because it still remains so true. I hope it inspires you today to get some of the “right vitamins” for your own life.


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