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Renew Your Business Vows

October 16, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Small Business Owners

There’s been an extra pep in my step, sparkle in my eye and joyful disposition radiating out of me since renewing martial vows a couple weeks ago. Unexpectedly, what I already knew in my life got clearer. Just like putting in new contact lens, the world became instantly brighter and more defined. Ever since the moment, I have wanted to renew my entrepreneurial vows with myself to see if the act has the same effect.

Not many of us make literal vows when we start an enterprise, promising to stick with our business, its goals and unexpected life expectancy when we complete the paperwork and open corporate bank accounts. But in an essence, we pledge through thick and thin, in good times and bad, in sickness and health, to stand by our business entities. We might not see the “until death do we part” element of it just like we can’t see the ups and downs we’ll face on our unique business journeys when we begin.

But on a day like today when the wind gently sweeps vibrant colored, dead leaves off the trees with summer’s end, knowing in six months they’ll return evergreen and vibrant, we should ponder the idea of renewing our business vows with ourselves. “I promise to….” and “I pledge…” are good beginnings to the recommitment statements you finish moving forward in business.

My husband and I wouldn’t have renewed our vows if we didn’t think we were in our 30 year marriage for the future; therefore renewing business vows should be something you want to do. Autumn is the perfect time to pour yourself a warm cup of cider or tea, meditate upon your desires, look back at the road you’ve traveled, always relishing in what you experienced, and then ask, “am I ready to recommit to my business and myself in this role as a woman entrepreneur for the near future?”

Your answer might surprise you. It’s okay whatever the clarity provides. Too often days lead into months and months into years before we revisit our commitment to our career choice. I never wavered in my decision to run a business although I added a second business, created divisions and expanded my territory all while bringing excellent events to the marketplace and giving women a marketing platform to advertise themselves to increase revenue and economic relationships.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant for you to consider renewing your business vows. Are you up for another 5, 10, 20 years of doing business? What are you willing to endure or what unrealistic expectations can you let go of? What is needed to sustain or grow your business into the future? What training or advice do you need to strengthen yourself moving forward? What must absolutely stay the same?

If you aren’t sure where to begin, take a walk outside among the falling leaves, breathe in the air, think about what you want to do and then when you are ready renew your vows. It’s okay if you realize you are done too. Things change and that’s all right; but provide yourself time to contemplate your commitment. I hope afterwards you have more clarity and vibrancy moving forward.

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