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Friday Feelings: Idea Generation For Anything

October 7, 2022

Friday Feelings, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Women Business Owners, Small Businesses

Where do creative ideas come from? Sometimes I wonder how Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein came up with products, theories, and inventions. Was it pure intellect or imagination? Was it something that “illuminated” them – perhaps an ‘aha’ moment of sorts that later turned into masterworks after hard work, turmoil, and tests?

As I rode my bike today, along the once all-green covered path, I noticed how the green changed to varying shades of gold, orange, crimson, brown, and even dark purple. One particular tall weed with its slightly bent tip with hanging, shaggy, brown, feather-like leaves caught my eye and sparked my own imagination. Off my bike I went to put the hair-like leaves where my bangs once were before I lost my hair to alopecia.  It became an imaginary “shag wig” and off I rode looking for other leaves or weeds to add to my new “natural wig collection.”

As I pedaled, I scoured the foliage and fauna next to the path for different shades of natural material that could become different colored wigs. I wasn’t serious but rather on an art adventure to entertain my mind on a dreary bike day. There were varying shades of “blonde” – gold and bright yellow leaves, and “red” – more like crimson than orange hair that people have, and even “white” puffs of some type of smaller weed, I had to kneel on the ground to put up to my forehead in case anyone wanted to buy a wig for their golden years.

I delighted in the prospect of sharing my funny wig idea with my Facebook friends who have been stellar at supporting me through my bald stage in life. Would they think I lost my mind? Would they take my new wig business seriously or would they humor me with some likes, laughter, and crying emjois? It ended up being a combination of responses which brought me a smile to my face.

The lesson for anyone reading this today is to allow yourself to play sometimes with ideas that make you see the world in a different way. It could be using your right-brain thinking instead of your left-brain thinking for once. It might remind you what it was like to be a kid searching for cool things on an adventure making you light in spirit. It could even spark a business idea – you never know.  The lesson is to not take life so seriously, play, have fun, experiment, envision, think differently, and enjoy.

It’s Columbus Day Weekend so venture out into your community on your fun adventure that might make you a more creative thinker.

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