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Wednesday Wisdom: Noticeable Change

October 12, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Hump Day, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

The mesmerizing orange, crimson, and golden hues peeking through my window over my desk computer reminds me of one essential part of life – change. Sometimes we change internally and no one knows and we might not even recognize the alterations. Other times we purposely change like decreasing our calorie intake and increasing our fitness routine to change physically. In some cases, we don’t notice changes in our health, appearance, and psyche, but others notice.

Nature and humans aren’t the only things that morph either naturally or purposefully. Businesses begin and prosper to a stage where intentional planning and additions permanently make it stronger to handle more customers and sales. Other times, like Hurricane Ian or the Covid-19 Pandemic, the economic climate deteriorates the strongest of companies making them succumb to unforecasted adjustments they didn’t see coming.

The question for today is whether we are changing brilliantly like the once green leaves now golden or whether we are withering on the vine because we can’t face change?

Onondaga Lake – 2022

Most times change feels like an uncontrollable entity making us incapable of contending with it; but that is a fallacy because each of us has the ability to notice change as it is happening if we want to. Quiet reflective observation is what is needed. It might not be as easy as glancing out the window at brilliant autumn leaves or feeling colder temperatures. It might take dedicated time in meditation, a planning retreat, a quiet walk amongst the trees, or an appointed, undisrupted weekday to sit and review. Typically change doesn’t occur in the noise, but in the silence.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to motivate you to set aside a reflective period to notice what has changed in your business or life that you haven’t paid attention to. Has green revenue turned into golden piles of cash that can be reinvested or dwindling brown levels of lack? Is your health vibrant and sizzling like the crimson leaves or frosted over like the pumpkins on the vine? What do you notice? What can you do about it? Do you want to do something about it? Once you discover what is lacking or needed, it is up to you, and you alone, to make noticeable changes.

Tracy – Meditating on a Kayak Ride

I hope the next few days, when the colder temperatures of fall are pushed off a bit, you get outside before or during your work hours to stare at the beautiful leaves and notice what they truly represent in your own journey and make some plans to address them. Remember change happens in the silence, bring it to the autumn light and get working.

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