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Women Entrepreneurs: Practice Grace in Business

April 21, 2015

Business inspiration and wisdom for women entrepreneurs


Many years ago I was asked to say a few words at my grandmother’s funeral. She was one of those silently strong women whose actions spoke larger than her words. She had a quiet sense of strength that did not need to be accompanied by sharing her emotions. Although she was a quiet woman when it came to voicing her opinion, she was also joyful with an infectious laugh and radiant spirit.

I once heard a priest say at a funeral, the best way to carry on the spirit of someone who dies is to take the best quality they displayed and intertwine it into your own life. As I wrote my grandmother’s speech, the word “grace” was the word I chose for this beloved woman. She had suffered the loss of both of her brothers early in her life, the death of her first son when he was only one and death of her husband when he was 64 and yet you would never know of her personal pain by looking at or listening to her. She never let the despair alter her life. She always lived in a graceful place.

Many times in my entrepreneurial career I have needed to instill a similar graceful attitude in my business life when the despair of a competitor taking a major client away, being shunned from a major event I helped to create, or when I had clients leave unexpectedly Grace is difficult to hold onto in the midst of painful occasions but with my wise grandmother’s spirit within me I have learned and benefited from taking business pain in stride.

wisdomToday’s post is to remind you that you have the ability to instill grace in your entrepreneurial life and outlook whenever things go wrong, when you feel injustice, or when you are dealt a difficult situation. By infusing poise, calm and refinement into your spirit, you will triumph over any hardships. Strength can be found in people who share their opinions loudly and honestly as well as displayed in people who do not. What kind of business feeling will you display today? I know I’m choosing quiet strength and grace.

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