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What Business Ideas Are Bubbling Inside You Today?

April 15, 2015

Business Advice for Small Business and Women Entrepreneurs


As the sun rose over the eastern horizon into my kitchen, as I made chicken soup for my son who is sick at college, I felt a bubble of excitement about my day. Not only was I creating a pot of love and recovery for him, I was also preparing a speech for a group of brilliant SUNY Oswego students being inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society at noon. The fifteen minute inspirational speech I will deliver to these students was simmering inside of me like the water in the soup pan. Sometimes it is hard to calm a positive emotional spirit.

This weekend had major headlines that excited the spirits of many people including golf enthusiasts who marveled over the remarkable 21 year old Jordan Spieth win the Masters and the women who rejoiced after hearing Hillary Clinton would run for President. Sometimes the positive actions of others cause our own soul to stir and simmer with excitement. We are moved every day by small and big events that touch us personally.

Yesterday I was in the midst of twenty members of my company who came to learn how they could use the thirty two public relations and marketing tools we offer to promote themselves throughout the year. Being in the company of loyal customers who were sharing tips with each other, providing feedback to me and asking questions provided that same kind of effervescent feeling as this morning. The warmth, trust, and relationships in that room catapulted my spirit. What a blessing we have as women entrepreneurs when we are in the midst of our clients.

Today’s blog post (complete with the smell of chicken soup in the air) is to inspire you to evoke your spirit, heart and senses to create some new energy in your day, life or business. If you feel out of sync in your business, consider putting yourself in the midst of your devoted customers. If you have ideas bubbling inside you that feel like they need to be implemented, start them today. If you feel excitement because of someone else’s actions, let it inspire you to action.

I hope today is the beginning of a new exhilarating time in your business that brims with hope, joy and accomplishment. We have to start somewhere to make change and to create new dreams for ourselves and others. Why not begin today?

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