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Business Lessons Inspired by Jordan Spieth and The Masters

April 13, 2015

Business advice for small business owners and women entrepreneurs


It was the end of my work hours so I jumped on my treadmill to run and turned on ESPN as I usually do to watch “Around the Horn” to shut off my entrepreneurial head for the day. Due to the 2015 Masters, my show was replaced by a screen of beautiful green grass, brilliant flowers, peaceful ponds and stone bridges. After a harsh winter in the Northeast, I rejoiced running to the visuals of Augusta National Golf Club’s stunning spring view.

Little did I know then that I would be captivated by the Masters, Jordan Spieth and the other golfers for all 4 days. I have always loved sports but never watched an entire golf tournament especially a full 4 day tournament. I became fixated by the competition and cheering on the 21 year old who is the same age as my sons.

Yesterday night after Jordan Spieth had the green jacket on his back; I went outside for a run and contemplated why I was so mesmerized by this young man. Like everything in my life, I look at everyday experiences from an entrepreneurial mindset. Today’s blog post hightllights the “business lessons” I gained from this talented winner:

* Jordan took more time than anyone else preparing to hit his shots – many times backing away from the tee if he didn’t feel his stroke was right. He didn’t rush through his decisions because he knew it was essential to make the right ones every time. Every stroke counted. Every decision he made counted. He had time on his side and he used it well. As entrepreneurs we must remember to take more time in making key decisions too. We must slow down and be smart with big and small “strokes” in our corporate lives.

* Jordan asked for advice and embraced knowledge from past players. By asking for support and directions, he gained a distinct advantage in this tournament. Spieth hired a former school teacher as his caddy, asked retiring Masters Champion Ben Crenshaw for advice and gleaned tips from Tiger Woods on a practice round. As women entrepreneurs we must remember education and advice from others who have been successful in business can be a key to our success too.

* When Jordan made mistakes on certain holes, he didn’t get too flustered by the errors which could have ruined his mindset and prevented him from being the champion. He let the mistakes go and advanced to the next hole with more determination to improve. As small business owners, we should do the same. Nothing in business will be perfect and setbacks are always on the horizon; but when faced with them we should do what Jordan did and pick up the ball, don’t let the setback affect us and move forward.

augustaI hope your business day is filled with moments of calm decisions, advice from elders and releasing mistakes so you can move forward to your own entrepreneurial victories today. If you need more inspiration, put on a green jacket.

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