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Envisioning Success

October 28, 2009

In 1979 when I was on my high school swim team, I remember our coach talking to us about “envisioning” our success in a race before we even got on the blocks and hit the water. He instructed us that envisioning ourselves swimming faster than we ever had before, making efficient turns, taking limited breaths and finishing the race in first place, was essential to our accomplishments in the pool.

Many athletes have used envisioning techniques. Recently I read an online article by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association about this topic. They said, “Visualization is a mental preparation technique in which you create positive images in your mind before practice and competition. The idea is to simulate the event as clearly and vividly as possible to create a déjà vu experience when you are performing in real time. The result is an increased sport-reaction time because you have programmed the mind and body to perform automatically and without hesitation.” I believe being successful as a woman entrepreneur requires the same technique. We must envision precisely what we want and exactly how we’ll accomplish it. Every day we are presented with unique challenges, from the outside world and from our own internal perspectives, that limit our thinking. But just like my coach said, what is essential from the beginning whether it’s the start of every project, every new client appointment or every bold move forward is the visualization of doing it successfully.

Tomorrow Women TIES travels down the New York State Thruway to Saratoga to open up the economic corridor for women entrepreneurs here and there and to take a bold step in introducing this organization to women in this area. Our presenter will discuss “Envisioning Prosperity in 2010,” with the goal of inspiring the attendees to a more financially successful future. Obtaining more financial success for ourselves and our businesses means taking the risk, opening ourselves to new opportunities and “seeing with our mind” that our efforts will be fruitful.

 Today remind yourself that in order to get from point A to point B, no matter if you are in a swimming pool, on the Thruway or in your office, you must visualize the path and the goal. What matters most is the end result that you see. Don’t back down when you get nervous. Envision business success. It will be yours if you believe it and see it.

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