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Credibility Essential To Success

October 25, 2009

As women entrepreneurs, our credibility is important for business development, client retention and public opinion. We simply can’t sustain, grow or develop our companies without creating a credible reputation. When you stop to think about it, credibility is at the core of every business relationship. The ability to arouse belief in oneself and one’s company separates really successful entrepreneurs from those who don’t reach their potential. All of us want to work with individuals or corporations whom we feel will not disappoint us; so credibility is crucial for doing business today.

Every time Women TIES ventures into a new region to develop new relationships with women entrepreneurs, we know our credibility will be based on inference, reference and evidence that we are a reputable company who delivers on its word.  Today learn alittle bit more about credibility to help your business reputation.

Credibility Through Inference:

If we don’t know someone personally, we can infer credibility be being aware of major accomplishments in the person’s past. A good resume is a great place to start. An entrepreneur can build credibility by pointing to experiences, examples, facts and credentials that allow customers to judge them.  Such elements include:

* Academice degrees or credentials.
* Past experience as a leader, entrepreneur, business person.
* A trackrecord of successful projects, works, and writings.

Credibility Through Reference:

A higher degree of credibility comes from references. What is said about you and your company by others speaks better than inference. References can be personal testimonials, articles in newspapers, customer references, awards and special recognition.  Remember, the more objective the reference, the more convincing the impact.  Endorsements from impartial parties speak volumnes about you.

Credibility Through Evidence

The highest level of credibilty comes from evidence. Quantifiable facts of accomplishments like – expanded market growth, increased revenue, higher earnings, more clients or members, and staff growth – all demonstrate a thriving company. This takes time to create but it is proof about the viability of an organization.

Ultimately when you gain credibility, you gain confidence from consumers that leads to more market share – a company’s ultimate goal.  Review your credibility rating and make any improvements or make sure your clients know you are reputable through your examples.

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