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A Bucketful of Hope

October 21, 2009

As I stood in the front of the conference room facing over one hundred women entrepreneurs of diverse race and age, from different regions around the state, running diverse companies, I witnessed a vision come to fruition. I had clearly stepped into a dream I had discussed with my board six months earlier. Now facing a packed room of women I had either known for awhile, just met that morning, or met at one of our regional events, I was exhilarated to be with them and present in such a proud moment.
As “Inspiring Success: The Women TIES Retreat” (  keynote speaker Wendy Walker (
 exclaimed in her presentation, “When women gather together to network, we are creating a bucketful of hope that our connections will lead us to that next big break, to new clients, to new marketing opportunities, to something exciting waiting for us.”  After hearing Wendy’s words, I knew I had created this event to be a ‘bucketful of hope’ for myself and the women who joined me there. I was hopeful women being together with over one hundred women entrepreneurs would open up new opportunities for our entire business network; hopeful that learning something from our presenters would propel us all towards more success; hopeful that today was the day when we would actualize our deepest desires and be inspired to our highest entrepreneurial dreams. 

As Wendy said, “Women need to bring their bucket of hope with them to events. Pour it out on the floor and watch it stream forward towards a multitude of destinations to see where they lead and what they produce. Then we pick up what we just learned and who we just met and put it right back inside the bucket and pour it out again witnessing even more outreach than before.” This continuing process can lead to fateful opportunities, larger connections and unbelievable links to take us to the next step in our entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurship requires dreaming, visioning and planning; but most importantly it takes action. Big bold action some days, medium size leaps once in a while and small tiny steps on other days. But just like Wendy’s bucket wouldn’t have led her to major writing success and national attention if she didn’t take the actions necessary to land the big deals, we can’t experience major success without doing the same.

Today remind yourself that you have a bucketful of hope in front of you. You need to attend events and spill it out. See where the connections lead. Then take the action you must to make the connections worthwhile. My wish is this positive picture of networking fills you and with inspiration, hope and action today and in the future. 

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