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Be the Buzz

November 2, 2009

Some moments in life you remember very distinctly – your high school graduation, your wedding date, the day your children were born, and the date you started your business. Sometimes unexpected moments get ingrained in our mind too. A date that comes to my mind is October 19, 1998. It was around 4:35 p.m. when I looked at the television to see myself on the Oprah Show ( Although the exposure lasted only 60 seconds, it was one of those distinctive moments in my life.

As a home based woman entrepreneur raising two young children, I relied on the Oprah Show to inspire me daily. After hearing a request to have viewers submit personal testimonials on how the show helped them, I responded. A past Oprah Show discussing the benefits of using daily meditation had worked for me. After seeing this particular program, I began morning meditations which helped me start my day calmly, allowed me to set daily personal and business goals and created a confident and productive mood. When one of Oprah’s assistants called and asked me to submit a personal video to appear on the show, I was stunned, excited and eager to produce it! There’s a funny story on how I actually taped myself “meditating” but that’s for another time!

Knowing I was going to appear on the show, I quickly sent a press release to local media promoting the appearance. I seized the opportunity to get my company name recognized and to create a “buzz” about me and my business. I knew as a young entrepreneur I couldn’t let the promotional opportunities associated with Oprah pass! The story garnered some local and regional attention which I believe helped my business in those early days. Star occurrences can happen to you. Creating a media buzz about your business is possible. But it takes going out on the edge and seizing unique opportunities. Hearing inspirational stories of other women who have accomplished creative media feats can motivate us to dream larger. It’s one of the reasons we are focusing next week’s Ithaca luncheon on creating a buzz about your business.

Today remind yourself to create and send an electric feeling about your business into the community. Being in the limelight, appearing on national shows, having local stars support your business and allowing creative experiences to propel you towards stardom is achievable. It begins with you believing that someday you’ll see yourself on the front page of the local paper, in front of a large crowd, and even appearing on a national television show. You have to be willing to create the buzz and be the buzz!

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