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Putting Intentions Out in the Universe Works!

June 2, 2022

Thursday Thoughts, Inspiration, Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Women

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham biking on Onondaga Lake West Trail

Do you believe in putting out intentions into the Universe and seeing them develop? I did years ago when I was meditating regularly after listening to the Oprah Show one day. I never intended to appear on the Oprah show but somehow that intention must have slipped into my wishes for more customers, public speaking gigs, and business revenue because I appeared on her show via video about six months after starting daily meditation.

When I verbally declared my new life goal of trying every sport once, I’ve had really cool conversations and invitations by women interested in a multitude of new sports. Meditation wasn’t drawing these conversations to me but my own verbal acts of intent seem to be.

High above Onondaga Lake on my morning 9-mile bike ride, a 77-year woman stopped me to ask if I had ever biked around the entire lake. Currently there isn’t a way to go the entire distance on the paved pathway, but she figured out a way to accomplish it going on the path and roads, yet she was reluctant due to her age. So I heard myself say to her, “I’ll go with you one day if you want to go, I’m doing new athletic things with women of all ages so why not try to help you in your goal to bike around this lake.” She looked bewildered but amused so we exchanged phone numbers.

Off she biked one way and off I biked the opposite way to check out this idea of hers. Her number sits in my inbox ready for calling as soon as I truly drive parts of the lake where we have to go into traffic and then back into the park. Figuring out the best timeframe for less traffic on the roads will ease her mind and put us on the right trek to accomplish this cool new adventure.

Did I expect for a female stranger to stop and ask me that question one day? No, but was I ready, with my new goal in mind, to jump right in there and start putting another woman’s athletic goal into action? Well, yes, because I believe stating your goals in meditation, in public, or even in writing trigger the right people and circumstances into your life. 

I promise to document this new woman Claudia, and my full bike ride around the lake for you if she still wants to go. So today, be inspired to ask someone you know to join you on a new journey too or at least state what you want to do out loud so it can develop into a true opportunity one day.

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