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Decision Making – More Head or Heart?

June 6, 2022

Monday Motivation, Decision Making, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Female Athletes

Midway through a long bike ride, I got a ding on my smart watch telling me my new Highlander had unlocked doors. With my purse inside the car and only the keys and phone on me, I pondered the dilemma. Should I give up my 14-mile training ride for a 20-mile ride next week, or turn around at the 9-mile mark and go back to my car? Hmm, a tough decision on a beautiful, muggy, 70-degree June day with lots of energy brewing in my system.

In most instances as a decent problem solver in business and without a pad and pen in my hand to etch out choices, I examined my choices gliding by newly opened peonies, cottonwood fluffs and soaring birds above my head. One, the area where my car was parked was “safe” so I doubted anyone would open my car and steal my purse. Two, in today’s rising prices maybe someone desperate enough would open an unlocked car and steal a purse. Three, how about a solution to more exercise but going back towards the car instead of away from it?

Typically riding at a relaxed, yet steady pace, I challenged myself to kick my gear to the highest, hardest rotation, turn my bike around, and promise myself I was in a race, not necessarily to stop a purse snatcher, but because I never pound the pavement hard on my bike rides. The extra effort would make up for the extra miles going forward to get me back to the car sooner than later, yet get in more challenging workout than normal.

Off I sped with sweat running down my bald alopecia head, never stopping to switch gears on inclines or slowing down around bends. With the car in sight, I looked down to see I shaved 4 minutes off my typical bike pace. Kudos. Car door opened, viola my purse was safe inside and my heart pounding from the extra physicality of the ride. Mission accomplished on both ends – and of course, no one probably even thought of looking in my car to steal my purse.

Today’s Monday Motivation is to remind you that there are more ways to solve a problem than you first think. Panic never helps. Stopping what you are doing isn’t always the answer. Contemplating options for a solution and listening to your gut answer is always the best way to decide. Logic helps sometimes. Over emotionality never does. Gut and head working together often leads to the best personal or business decisions.

As I type, I can tell I got in a harder than normal workout from my throbbing thighs and continued steady heart rate, both accompanied by a calm spirit for trusting myself, the place, and the people in my community, and making the best decision in the moment.

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