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Tuesday Thoughts: Know Your Why

May 10, 2022

Inspiration, Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Companies

Women TIES “Why”

The room was full of positive energy, hugs and joy. The women who gathered at this special luncheon were not there just to network or learn something new; they were there to celebrate one of their own. The keynote speaker was a familiar local entrepreneur with bountiful spirit, a joyful laugh and an award winning take on business.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely at times especially for the thousands of solo business owners who work all hours of the day, night and weekend to accomplish their dream. Their families do not always understand their drive, their decision to work for themselves or their satisfaction of a lower salary to follow their passion. Only other solo entrepreneurs understand.

During the Women TIES luncheon presentation the inspirational speaker told the audience one of her business success strategies. She said, “I believe your why should make you cry.” Women who run businesses often can lose track of their purpose after a hardship, troublesome period or economic turmoil. By focusing on the why, you rediscover your purpose, vision and mission.

Today’s post is to remind you to think about “why” you are in business. It might be for the creativity, flexibility, unlimited income potential; but it might also be for the way you make your customers feel, how they need you or how valuable your services or products are in their lives. Don’t ever lose track of the ‘why.’ Focus on it today.

When I drove home from the luncheon presentation I remembered my “why” because of a statement by a member as she left, “I have never seen a business event with so much affection in the room or the large number of women who have truly created strong positive relationships because of your organization. Thank you.” I am so grateful to all the women who have come through my company’s doors the past 27 years. I definitely know my why.

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