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Monday Motivation: Lead, and Mother On, Women

May 9, 2022

Monday Motivation, Women Entrepreneurs, Home Based Businesses, Female Business Owners

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, Founder Women TIES and Women’s Athletic Network

Raising two sons as a feminist often made me wonder who my boys would be when they grew up. Would they be women-haters, turning away from all things women because their mother was so proud to be a female and worked endlessly to promote women in business, sports, and life issues? Or would they think women were awesome because they had a strong female role model? I had no way of knowing when I start my feminist business focus when they were 3 years old and 3 months old.

Adam, Tracy, Thomas Higginbotham – Sanibel Island, Florida

The boys grew up on the floor of my home business office where we worked together balancing our play time, nap time and work time successfully. As they grew, my “out of office appointments” were picking them up from school or watching one of their sporting events. After proving myself as a reputable female business owner, my long time clients didn’t care if my work schedule had to be flexible. They knew my priorities were with them and my sons equally.

Thomas and Adam Higginbotham – New York City – 2019

30 years later my oldest son is the only male working in an all-women’s sports practice in New York City as a Orthopedic Surgical Physician Assistant to a female surgeon. My youngest son is a Civil Engineer with a long time girlfriend and an affinity to shop and wear pink (men look great in pink by the way)! As the boys celebrated Mother’s Day with me via Facetime, as I opened up my new GoPro for my sporting goal o trying every sport once in my lifetime, they reminded me being your authentic, best self as a mother and business owner is the only way to live.

A quote by Catherine Beecher, an American Education in the 1800s, caught my eye today and reflects how women can influence the men in their life:

“Let every woman become so cultivated and refined in intellect, that her taste and judgement will be respected…so unassuming and unambitious that collision and competition will be banished…then, the fathers, the husbands, and the sons, will find an influence thrown around them, to which they will yield not only willingly but proudly.”

Lead, and mother on, women.

The Higginbothams – 2021 New York City Music Concert
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