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Wednesday Wisdom: Upgrading Your Tech Knowledge

May 11, 2022

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When I left the corporate world in 1995 to start my first company, I walked away from a wealth of knowledge and staff support. Little did I know looking back on history that 1995 was, “The Year Everything Changed” according to Fast Company. When I was employed, I had the extension number to our technology team right at my fingertips anytime I needed them. Periodically, I was required to attend computer program trainings taught by professional staff. I knew them, they knew me. They knew their technology, and I didn’t.

If you don’t remember what transpired in 1995, here are a few highlights:

* In March, a San Francisco Bay software engineer wanted to use email to spread the word about local news to his friends. His name was Craig – aka the founder of Craig’s List.

* A month later, another startup called Electric Classifieds launched a dating service for $9.95 a month. It eventually became

* By mid-1995, an online merchant headquartered in Seattle went into the online business specializing in books with a love for the name of the longest river in Africa and was born.

* A few months later, a company called General Magic created software to give people the ability to auction off items eventually becoming

Can you remember where you were when 1995 rolled out new websites as fast as a microwave popping popcorn? Although popcorn gets stale, these four companies have remained fresh in the marketplace for 27 years. You might have been like me wondering how you would even learn how to use this new technology?

Well, of course like always I hired a woman entrepreneur who built my very first website Five Star Events in 1997, with the capability back then to make changes to it whenever I needed so I didn’t have to keep paying her to do it for me. I learned. I grew. I kept taking courses. I hired smart women. I couldn’t have advanced otherwise.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you that there are some areas of entrepreneurship that demand professional support to succeed. I would bet most female business owners need support in the world of changing technology because it advances so quickly. Not every woman has a head for coding, transcriptions, and algorithms, so hire the ones that do. We simply can’t learn everything we need to learn to run our companies successfully unless we get support in the areas we can’t conquer.

Don’t sit around eating stale popcorn trying to figure out your next technology advancement or move. Get a fresh bowl and hire a female professional who can help you (or join us on June 16th for a special online event). Then maybe 2022, will be the year that everything changes for you.

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