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Wednesday Wisdom: The Value of Repurposing

January 19, 2022

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Just like you, my email inbox gets filled with enticing offerings from new online searches, familiar brand names, and even twenty-year old business connections. Typically, if they aren’t filtered out by my spam box, I remove them before opening them up unless the email subject catches my eye. As a long time, Oprah fan, having her very first printed magazine and appearing via video recording on one of her 1998 TV shows, I opened her latest invitation to join her new Oprah Daily endeavor.

Reviewing the diverse membership benefits, including a live streamed class with Oprah called “The Life You Want,” I noticed how she is using her library of past inspiration, education, guests, TV show fodder, and magazine articles in this new effort. She is reappointing catalogs of previously used materials in a new, exciting format to further her business and fellowship, and to draw people back into her brand. “Just brilliant!” as my English friends would say.

From Pinterest

As Lauren Debter in a Forbes article stated, “Brands already have a vast archive of collections to pull from and repurpose for the digital realm.” Another online business called Econsultancy said, “Repurposing content is a fundamental part of inbound marketing activity. Or it should be if it currently isn’t.”

You might be actually astonished at the depth and width of your own archive of materials to repurpose in 2022. Do you have files of past speeches, articles, client presentations, and conference materials? Could they be broken down, and reused, in a new podcast, blog, or YouTube format giving your old work, new life, and attracting old and new customers back? Could they become new webinars, recordings, and speeches if you tweaked them a bit?

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom, still in the early weeks of the New Year, should motivate you to consider repurposing past written, spoken, or viewed materials, into new digital formats or even old formats. Pull out your marketing plan and add repurposing old marketing materials with details, dates, and tasks to plan and implement this year.

There is no harm in repurposing your own material, in fact it is smart according to marketing experts and Oprah. If she is doing it successfully, shouldn’t we all?

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