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My Word of the Year – Undaunted

January 20, 2022

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As I looked up at the brilliant blue sky with puffy white clouds slowly stumbling across its span, I deeply contemplated my word of the year.  The concept of your word of the year is instead of setting a variety of New Year’s Resolutions, you choose one single word to be your focus of the year. I only heard of this concept three years ago after someone presented me with a book that helps people choose their word after answering questions and doing visual practices. Today, I was using my own blue sky and white clouds as my single word palette and drawing board.

Three years ago, I also lost all my hair to alopecia, making this natural extrovert a hermit of sorts, hiding in the shadows to hide my condition since I was not comfortable with my new look. Born with an adventurous athletic and entrepreneurial soul, retreating to the confines of my beautiful home and property was unnatural yet protective and healing. Just like grief stages, moving onto the fourth year of dealing with this medical condition has me gently moving back to my self again with some sort of acceptance.

In fact, “acceptance” was my word of the year, three years ago as I struggled with my condition. Just like watching a shy child open up to new friends or a flower stretch its petals in the morning light, my word for this year feels like it’s been simmering and ready to launch every chance I face my new true image. So, finding the appropriate word of the year has been like my brain going through its own Thesaurus, searching for the exact right word.

A few words have entered my mind – fearless, adventurous, awakening, reclaiming – but none of them are exactly right. Yes, they are words I plan on being in 2022 but not the exact one. With Covid-19, also isolating me due to my unpredictable immune system, the need to burst out of my cocoon feels essential this year. I’ve been in the larva transformation stage since 2018, emerging not quite as beautiful as a multi-colored butterfly, but of my own God-given new creation defying traditional beauty norms.

So the word that finally came to me and feels right is, “undaunted,” because that is what I want to be in all aspects of my life. Undaunted – flying without fear. Undaunted – speaking my truth to certain people in my life. Undaunted – revealing new happenings in my business. Undaunted – walking out the door without a hat to cover my perfectly round, bald head. Undaunted – trying any and all sports, fitness activities, or events at the age of 58 for the first time because this is my new bucket list for the rest of my life.  

I don’t need to be fearless or confident to move forward, I must be undaunted which means courageously resolute especially in the face of danger or difficulty: not discouraged. The word has the tenacity, boldness, and “break out of the cocoon feeling”, I have been searching for. Watch me re-emerge.

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