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Wednesday Wisdom: Choose Happy

August 18, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

Tracy Higginbotham at the St. Joesph’s Health Amphitheater

When you hear someone say “It’s raining cats and dogs,” a creative minded person invokes literal visuals of different sized and colored four-legged animals dropping from hovering grey clouds. According to Norse Mythology, cats were believed to represent the wind and dogs represented rain, and later in the American belief system it meant tin roofs got wet so cats and dogs slid off them in torrential downpours, thus the meaning behind the verse.

Waking up on a moisture filled morning when the weather forecast is a flood watch and you have plans to see your favorite band the first time in two years at an outside amphitheater, feelings could be as damp as the atmosphere. But if you have time to consider the good in your life instead of the bad, you soon realize there are more important cares in the world besides rain on your parade (aka band venue).

A soft lilac binder with big shiny words “Choose Happy” sits not too far from my window showing outside climate activity. I look at the words, look back to the window, think about what I’ll wear on my feet and body to stay dry, and choose happy. I am fortunate because I am not in a hospital with cancer, I only look like I have it due to losing all my hair to alopecia. I don’t have hair to worry about getting wet and frizzy because I don’t have any. Rain will drop off my perfectly shaped head in healthy beads.

I am not deaf or hard of hearing so I’ll be able to catch the soft bass vibes of Stefan Lessard and melodic voice of Dave Matthews. I am not blind so I can see the tons of other fans bopping and swaying to all our favorites tunes. I can walk and stand and sway myself although my hair won’t sway with me. It has been 3 years of becoming a bald woman, but I “choose happy” because I am fortunate to be healthy otherwise.

So today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you when it is “raining cats and dogs,” putting a damper on your life, plans, events, and mood, there is so many more positive things to be thankful of in your life. There will never be any perfect days if that’s all you expect. Life is imperfect, weather is unpredictable, but your mood, and way of looking at a situation, can be as perfect as you want it to be if you ‘choose happy’. So put on those waterproof boots, bring a bright umbrella and dance in the rain if you must, but enjoy and love your life.

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  1. August 18, 2021 11:59 am

    Way to go Tracy! I have always believed that each and every day you have the choice to be happy or not. That doesn’t mean that life’s struggles don’t effect you. But it does mean that you are able to move past them and find what is still truly good.


  2. August 18, 2021 1:51 pm

    As always Kim, you leave insights that add to the post subject. Thank you for sharing. Tracy


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