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Wednesday Wisdom: Cracking the Glass Ceiling

August 25, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Feminist Thoughts for Women Entrepreneurs and Female Business Owners

Yesterday, rolling over in the dark summer night, I noticed the clock read 12:01 a.m. and in that moment I heard glass break. Double checking my bed stand to make sure the glass of water was still standing ready for consumption on a hot, humid August night, I realized the glass that broke was Kathy Hochul with her hand on a bible being sworn in as the 57th Governor for New York State and the first female to hold the title.

Yes, I wrote about this historic event occurring a few weeks ago because I know her and have seen her diligently work on behalf of women and the state, but there is nothing like reality striking at midnight to bring it home. Honestly, I most likely would wake up for any of my members or women entrepreneurs I’ve known, breaking their own glass ceiling if I knew exactly the moment it was happening. It is a reason I promote their good news, events, joint business relationships with other women they’ve met through Women TIES, and applauded them as loudly as I can from afar.

Yesterday one of those women fit me into her surgical day due to a sudden eye problem, saying “yes” to my need to get in to see her. When I arrived at her beautiful business, the Cortland Eye Center, where she has a large female-only staff, I realized she, like me, believes deeply in committing to women first and foremost in her business sense. As I flashed back to Kathy Hochul wearing white to represent the women’s suffrage movement at her swearing in ceremony, I realized she too, like me, believes deeply in thanking the women who have gone before us in history making some of today’s female freedoms possible.

So again, today’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant to evoke a deep sense of gratitude for women who rise above the impossible to make things possible – whether it’s rising above historically or locally in 2021 within their own lives and companies, to support other women. I hope you think about how much time and energy you dedicate in your personal or business life to the needs of other women and if it isn’t quite enough, you amp up your support and join us in helping more women break their own glass ceilings.

We aren’t equal yet in many areas of life, so let’s help other women rise with us. 

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