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Monday Motivation: Endings are New Beginnings in Life and Business

August 16, 2021

Inspiration, Monday Motivation for Women and Women Entrepreneurs

When the oppressive humid air slowly stumbles out of town and cool, crisp air arrives in mid-August in Upstate New York, it can also usher in other changes of the heart, mind, and spirit.  We all know more than just the atmosphere can lay heavy on our shoulders suppressing any carefree feelings. Once in awhile as women or women entrepreneurs we must clear the air surrounding us, making it lighter.

Sometimes change happens in a blink of an eye or unexpected moment, and other times it simmers away like water on the back burner waiting to be lifted off the hot surface. Our inability to move is attached to emotions, time invested, and years of relationship or business building. Inside the ache to just be free of what weighs us down is always ready to act as soon as we see a better road ahead in our decisions.

Saying goodbye to parts of our business, lagging clients, irrelevant vendors, and old entrepreneurial relationships are part of the gig running a company. We never want to think of these endings because we try so hard to begin, survive, thrive, and preserve but we must remember every beginning is a new beginnings end as a popular song states.

Today’s Monday Motivation is to remind you that when these situations occur to you out of the blue or when the teapot is whistling steadily over time, you move on by acknowledging life is about stages or chapters in a book and what is meant to change will change. Sometimes the easiest way to proceed is to pull the band aid off quickly and know there are better people, situations, contracts, and events ahead.

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