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Running Shapes Entrepreneurial Success

April 22, 2021

As Oprah would say, “What I know for sure…” is that running has played a positive role in being a successful woman entrepreneur the past 16 years. I started off running in my pool in 1996 l because I had post-pregnancy weight and didn’t think I could run on land. I eventually learned to run outside around my house graduating to a popular park six months later when I was convinced, I looked okay running. It’s funny how one can be so confident in business but not in running form.

Running led me to meet amazing women the past two decades in different areas of my life and profession who also ran. It also opened up new country sides and urban landscapes and made me a half-marathoner and then full marathoner which was never the goal. I have run near the Almao in Texas, Lake Michigan in Chicago, historic roads in Boston, and even the beautiful countryside in Devon, England. I have running to thank for opening up my life to big beautiful things and deep pride and belief in myself.

At yesterday’s Women TIES first International woman speaker series “Running Shapes Business Success,” Dr. Juliet McGrattan from England, one of the women I met running in the 2017 Boston Marathon, shared 7 benefits of running for women in business. Here they are:

1. Running releases creativity
2. Running helps you learn
3. Running reduces cognitive decline
4. Running helps nail time management
5. Running helps you set goals
6. Running opens up networking
7. Running keeps you healthy

Running truly is like having a secret weapon in life Juliet said. I agree with her and believe it is especially beneficial for women entrepreneurs. If running isn’t your ideal exercise, walking can bring as many benefits. Keep in mind as Juliet stated, 150 minutes of moderate activity a week or 75 minutes of higher exertion fitness a week is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself as a woman, and woman entrepreneur.

Running with 261Fearless and iconic runner Kathrine Switzer in the Rock and Roll Marathon 5K in Chicago

When I take off on a run or walk, I take with me a business problem of the day. In the beginning, my mind releases the emotions of the problem, and then halfway through my fitness, the problem is solved and I’m on to thinking of positive ideas for my business. Juliet suggests bringing your phone with you to record any brilliant ideas because, just like dreaming, our minds soon forget the thoughts, and those creative, new ideas are what we want to harness and bring back to our corporate plans.
Juliet’s latest book “Run Well” will be released in America the end of May. It is a true handbook for anyone starting to run or for any runner. Learn more about Juliet or order her book at and start not only running your business but your life – literally.  

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