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Wednesday Wisdom: Accountability Makes the Difference

April 21, 2021

Daily since mid-February I’ve dutifully recorded my weight, steps, and food intake into a website, holding myself responsible. Inputting every detail, every hour, everyday for the past two months has been tedious and repetitive but the results have been happening. Without a computer accountability system to help me really gage my every move (literally), I don’t think I could have lost 13 pounds to date saying goodbye to what you might also know about – pandemic weight gain.

Accountability is an interesting devil. It is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions; and only works if one is truly honest and forthright about what they promise to do. Not only does accountability work for women trying to lose weight or stay on an exercise regimen, but about their duties as the leader of their company. Since most small businesses are run by a solo entrepreneur or with a small staff, accountability to accomplish the largest and smallest goals rest on their laurels of the company’s leader.

Often in my entrepreneurial career I sought advice of a sales coach, SBDC business advisor, and my own board of directors. They offered excellent advice and suggestions to assist me in becoming successful, but in the end their advice was only as valuable as I made it by implementing, improving, and then reporting back on my progress. It’s not so different than recording my calories and steps every day except we often don’t have an accountability plan in place like those offered for weight loss to support our business journey.

If accountability is something you struggle with, there are a couple things you can do to help yourself. Seek the input of a trained coach or business advisor and implement what they suggest. Women TIES has a number of coaches to choose from. Look for courses, like the one our member Laura Thorne, is offering on May 5th, called “Extreme Accountability” and walked away more educated on the subject.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant to inspire you to think about areas of your professional and personal life where accountability can truly help you succeed quicker and more efficiently. Just like counting calories, it can make you painfully aware of what you are doing wrong, facing the mirror on accountability weakness as a woman entrepreneur will ultimately help you move closer to success goals.

Remember to be patient with any accountability process, trust me. It might seem like you are moving at a snail’s pace to get to final goals but in the end, you’ll feel in control and better about where you lie in any situation. 

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