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Wednesday Wisdom: Striking the Right Picture of Your Company

April 28, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Companies

Imagining a walk through a California vineyard during harvest season with the sun beaming down on the grapes or standing next to Yosemite’s gushing waterfalls, set me off a journey to find the best unique venues to rest in while touring our beautiful west coast. A pastoral creek lodge, a bed and breakfast with a vineyard outside the window, and small private house perched on the Pacific Ocean’s edge gleaned our reservations after pouring over hundreds of potential venues and locations. How did we finally choose the unique establishments we’ll visit late summer; you might ask?

Well, photos, locations, amenities, prices, and esthetics didn’t come close to customer reviews and star ratings in our decision making. We all uniquely seek what we want most when we travel, especially after travel has been on hold for a year, and what we seek is different for each of us. I have to assume poor reviews and unfavorable customer ratings naturally sway potential visitors unless all that’s required is a place to lay one’s head.

Although Facebook allows online reviews, do most women entrepreneurs seek them or use testimonials or positive client accolades and post them to their websites or social media sites to convince buyers to choose them? Have you ever Googled your business to discover what is said about it? It’s amazing that just one negative review can immediately check you off someone’s potential business list. Well, at least that is what happens when I see one objectionable comment when looking for venues for our travels.

Our Women/s Athletic Network climbing new heights together

It is also stunning how beautiful images of a venue and its people working or enjoying services or products can impress a website visitor. You don’t have to own a spa to create soothing images that depict the personality of your company and its offerings being enjoyed by satisfied customers. It takes a marketing plan, budget, good photography and website support to upload images to enhance the online quality of your enterprise.

This Wednesday Wisdom is meant to have you drift off into the beautiful vision of your company – whether it’s your inviting structure, smiling customers showing off your wearables, clients enlightened at events, images of publications you’ve produced, and even your beautiful self-portrait – and see if you are using images, reviews, and positive comments as much as you should. If not, start planning and gathering them so you can enhance your marketing image.

Our Women’s Equality Division celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in the USA

Pictures do paint a thousand words, just like good and bad reviews, so make sure you are using them, collecting them, and monitoring them best you can and then create a beautiful world of expression into you marketing to help sell what you sell best.   

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