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Wednesday Wisdom: Using Systems to Ramp Up Success

January 27, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Business Success for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners 

A chirpy jingling sound radiated from my wrist as I started typing. “250 more steps” is what my purple Fitbit watch, my son bought me for Christmas knowing how much I love tracking my biking and running miles, said when I looked at it. The joyful sound made me pause, take a break from work, and walk around my house for 250 steps just to hit that goal. Honestly, it is alarming how easy it is to get in 250 steps quickly.

I  have come acustom to these periodic signals the past 27 days making my watch wearing a new habit in 2021. We all just passed the date earmarked as the day of most New Year’s Resolution failures – January 17th. Even through I was diagnosed with Covid-19 on January 16th, I was able to get my goal of walking 250 steps per hour, minus two days, all because of the reminders on my watch. 

This insight has me contemplating using these reminders to progress my business in 2021 too. I am pondering the idea of having every 250 step announcement motivate me to make 1 sales or customer call after taking the 250 steps. Doing this would give me 8 calls a day to increase revenue, touch base with a customer, answer an email via phone, or call a vendor to place an order. If becoming dedicated to walking 250 steps each hour can lead to a new sales call system, I will be able to attack my revenue goals with gusto.

Whether or not you have a Fitbit watch to maintain your 2021 fitness resolution, today’s Wednesday Wisdom inspiration might motivate you to adapt a better goal achievement system for personal and corporate resolutions. A system is defined as an organized framework or method. We all need systems to function and accelerate in business. They can be manual or computer systems or simple or complex systems. But remember, systems are only as successful as the people using them regularly and wisely.

Today why not grab your Fitbit or iphone and schedule certain reminders to aid you in elevating your game this year. You have plenty of time to reinstate your resolutions if you are more common than not on giving them up already. There is a long winter ahead to stay healthy for and alert to our business goals. Striving to achieve our big dreams might mean finding some effective systems to help us succeed in 2021.

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