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Wednesday Wisdom: Returning to Business Post-Covid Requires Research and Balance

February 3, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Entrepreneurship Advice, Small Business Advice for Women and Female Entrepreneurs

Ten women on a snowy day meeting via Zoom call, thankful for technology and not needing to drive in the snow, spent an hour contemplating business life after Covid. Prompted by a question from a woman who asked whether entrepreneurs would return to work in a physical space vs. home office, the answers were mixed as the pros and cons of using technology to conduct business in a comfortable home office was discussed.

The conversation naturally led itself into talking about the intrinsic value of spending time with customers face-to-face versus virtually. While the ease of virtual meetings highlighted the advantages of online gatherings, a majority of us acknowledged missing being with treasured clients and other women entrepreneurs physically. We agreed we look eagerly to a time when business life can return to in-person get-togethers.

The call concluded with one woman summarizing the theme of our answers – balance. When work returns to normal sometime this summer or fall after the Coronavirus has been defeated and vaccinations protect us, we all agreed that a balance of online vs. live events and having physical corporate space vs. home offices would be a blend we prefer. We’ll need to pay close attention to our communities, the overall economy, and our industries to see which way to proceed post-Covid. One thing is for certain, just like before the pandemic female business owners need, and want, to spend time together to converse, discuss, and meet.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom might inspire you to conduct research of your industry to see which way it is trending since Covid-19 struck the marketplace. Research what has stayed the same, what has changed dramatically, and what industry experts expect for the near future. No one knows for 100% certainty but starting with experts or like-minded entrepreneurs within your specific industry is a great place to begin. As today demonstrated, talking to other female business owners in our networks remains one of our greatest assets.

Don’t try guessing what business will be like in the future, spend some time talking, researching, and analyzing your industry to be better informed to make your own personal corporate decisions. 

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