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What Covid Taught Me

January 22, 2021

Friday Feelings and Wisdom from Recovering from Covid-19

It began as an innocent trip down a frosted driveway covered with fresh laden snow with large lake effect snowflakes drifting from the totally grayish-white sky. Cool air instantly woke me up from a week long slumber tackling Covid-19. My lungs felt alive for the first time able to sense a steady flow of air in and out without laboring, congested, and weak instead healthy, stimulated and fresh.

As I approached our dark green mailbox, I opened its door which looked like a mouth greeting me to say hello. “How nice to see you” I said, realizing at this point I had become slightly delirious during my week-long illness. Many patients with Covid-19 can’t even get out of bed to walk to the bathroom or hallway, and there I was standing sturdy in my boots outside my house, not in a hospital, relieved I was feeling better. 

“Resting” is always the medicine prescribed by people who know you’re sick, and it’s easy to do when you find yourself in the middle of a serious illness but when you’re on the ever-so-upswing, rest feels relentless and so it was for me after visiting my mailbox. Before I knew it I gently strolled past the entrance to my house down my beautiful backyard hill to a pond that lies in front of our small apple orchard where I could “rest” in nature.

The senses have never been more alive. The stream from the pond was bubbling. A delicate bird sung a tune in the bushes. Summer wind charms dangling on a tree delighted the air. Every branch, pussy willow, craggy tree limb, and pine tree looked incredibly beautiful and pristine in the white fashion falling from the sky. It mesmerized me. Footstep after footstep I tried leaving the paradise of my backyard to go back up to the warm house, lit with orange flames, smelling of a stew I was able to muster up for dinner but I was entranced and in awe of nature giving me the medicine I needed most, beauty.

What a serious illness like Covid-19 teaches those of us who get it and are lucky enough to survive it, is the smallest details of life are the ones that wake us up again inspiring us to return to health so we can relish the simple things in life again…like just walking to our mailbox on a cold winter’s day.   

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