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Go Beyond!

April 24, 2020

Inspiration, wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, and Women Who Like Sports

The past three days had been heavy ones, filled with a bit of frustration after visiting one of my doctors and unhappy I couldn’t visit my son in New York City for his 25th birthday, I woke up determined to give myself a really good social distancing day that filled my spirit with happiness. If I couldn’t hug and sing to my beautiful son, like I’ve done the past 24 years, I was going to give myself the treat of biking early in the morning along the Erie Canal even if it was only 37 degrees.

Growing up the child of a ski instructor who brought my sister and me to ski, every single weekend from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. as she taught lessons, gave me the toughness I needed to exercise in any type of weather conditions and temperature. A sunny, brisk spring morning looked pretty perfect to me and my Underarmour clothes and husband’s fast bike. Throw in my Apple airbuds, Dave Matthews Band music, and purple Asiac sneakers, with a cold bottle of water and I was raring to go.

At first I was only going to bike 4 miles and turn around where I typically do, but the lure of the fresh air in my lungs, lime green buds lining the small bushes along the dirt path, and a clear Erie canal over my shoulder, prompted me to go farther and farther until I felt the sting in my legs which would give me just enough energy to turn around and bike back to the start. As I biked farther down the path, people walking dogs and a few runners disappeared out of sight, it was only me, my bike, and nature enjoying the cool wind and sunshine.

As I went deeper into the unknown of the path, I passed a woman planting new flowers in a garden memorial for her son who died years ago, a gushing waterfall with babbling sound, a dam built by winter’s busy beavers, and wooden trail markers. I stopped a few times to take in the views or a sip of water but kept going on this unexpected mini-adventure. I wanted to be tired when I was done, like how I felt after long 9 or 10 mile runs training for the Boston Marathon. There is beauty in physical exhaustion. I wanted it.

An achy tug in my right hip, which has been healing from a hip tear, was what indicated the time to turn around. Pausing running because of the injury was something I haven’t enjoyed doing for nine months and I wasn’t going to let a bike ride undo its healing. Around I turned, making sure to take in as much beauty as I could while thanking God for what I was seeing and experiencing until I finally arrived back at my car after a 15-mile total ride. I felt so good, just so good. It is exactly what I needed to lift my spirits.

Today I encourage you to get outside or do something brand new or harder than you want, to feel a sense of new accomplishment in your life. It doesn’t have to be riding 15 miles (or should it?). It can be anything that boosts your mood, makes you feel invincible, elevates your mindset, and gives you a surge of joy. Whether your week has been “heavy” or not, any time you go beyond your own expectations in any task, you are rewarded. Why not grab that free reward today for yourself or your family and decide on something extra hard, challenging, or just new to do to give your soul and body some extra happiness.

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