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A Woman’s Blessed Life – Motherhood Combined with Entrepreneurship

April 27, 2020

Monday Motivation, Working Mothers, Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

Waking at the crack of dawn on April 27th at 5:42 a.m. to be exact has been a twenty-five-year ritual. The early spring sky is still masked in darkness awaiting the crack of light from the morning’s sunrise. Birds chirp quietly as they too awaken to the dainty smell of newly grown, lime-green grass and tiny leaf buds extended on tree branches. Golden forsythia illuminates the morning shade if one looks hard enough. Right on time, reminiscent labor pains resurface alongside the pure joy of giving life to my second son.

Reading through a journal created for him to read someday, about his own budding personality full of loving tenderness and spit-fire persistence, I see a few journal entries talking about the profession I started as a woman entrepreneur running an event planning business when he was three and a half months old. My desire, like so many women, to balance motherhood with a career, made me a pioneering home-based female business owner on August 8, 1995, twenty-five years ago now. As my son grew in inches, weight, and skills from baby to toddler, so did I crawling, then walking straight and sturdy as the owner of my own company. We often forget about our early beginnings in all areas of our lives once we’ve mastered something.

As I came across this one journal entry, I was reminded of women today who struggle with balancing work and motherhood,

“Adam, I haven’t been a very good mother lately. I know all you want is my attention, someone to play with, and someone to be with. I’m afraid I’m so caught up in trying to do everything that I’m failing giving you what you need most. I decided to leave a corporate job and start my own business out of the house so I could be with you and your brother plus make money and do something I’ve always wanted to do. It worked out fine when you were small and when my business wasn’t so busy, but now you are older and my company busier and problems balancing both are beginning. Please know I love you and I’m really trying to do all of this so I can be with you and your brother. I love you, Mom”

Twenty-five years ago I didn’t have the luxury of technology the way business owners have it today. I bundled up my baby and toddler took them to the local library, rented out a computer for two hours to write business letters to clients, before checking out books for my sons and returning home for their naps and quiet time to fit in more entrepreneurial work. Every April 27th reminds me, not only of the gift of my son in my life, but of the commitment I made to myself to create an independent career using my talents, expertise, and education to offer my services to help people needing event planning and marketing support.

“Life hinges on small decisions,” is a poignant quote that rings in my ear when I think back on the decisions I made every single day to be a successful business owner and mother. Staring at my handsome 25-year-old son today on Facetime, from his quarantined workplace in his Manhattan apartment that looks out on the beautiful East River, he smiles joyfully the same way he has done every day of his life and as documented in his journal. I realize at the moment, the big and small decisions I made to be a working female entrepreneur and mother worked out perfectly fine. Beginnings if followed by determination, passion, and unwavering love, produce the things we are most proud of in our lives.

Tracy and Adam Higginbotham in Devon, England

As my son and I end our morning call so he can return to work as a civil engineer and I to my quarter-century entrepreneurial life, the sun crests on the horizon reminding me the best choice I ever made in life was to be a working mother with her own home-based business with two wonderful, loving, successful working men I call sons.

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