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Old Fashion Marketing Tips in a Modern Business Climate

February 26, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business

Burnt orange-colored walls with brilliant floral wall hangings and tables topped with opaque lime green tablecloths welcomed the audience on a rather warm winter day. To make the surroundings even more colorful pink, orange, and yellow roses within fuchsia vases sat at each table along with a sales contact list, sponsor marketing materials, and the speaker’s marketing materials. Harp music played in the corner and delicious luncheon aromas circulated in the air. It was a perfect setting for a “good old fashion” business luncheon.

The speaker started by sharing wisdom accumulated over ten years of running her acupuncture business in a non-holistic societal culture. Growing her unique business took hard work, but more importantly, consistent old fashion marketing efforts that gave her the opportunity to educate the community about her holistic practices of Chinese medicine, herbal remedies, and acupuncture. After sitting at her office, alone as soon as she opened shop hoping clients would clamor through her glass doors, she realized she needed to do more to invite people to experience her services.

Hosting open houses, cultivating a relationship with traditional health care providers, delivering printed (not online) educational materials door-to-door, and face-to-face appointments gave her the chances she needed to become successful in business. It took hard work and old-fashion methods of relationship-growing to expand her enterprise. Her success was not based in online appointments, online marketing, or social media – it was done like old-time salespeople did it by knocking on doors, delivering products to customers, and attending social meetings at local gathering spots to gain new clientele.

We all know it would be difficult to conduct business in 2020 without technology but Renee Nearpass of Perinton Family Acupuncture explained to our audience yesterday that good old fashion advertising modes are as valuable as shiny, new computer programs to launch a business further.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you to stop using only technical methods, computer-only relationships, and anti-social business practices to grow your business. You must leave the comforts of your own office space to get out more, knock on some doors, ask others face-to-face to connect you with potential customers, create marketing materials you can hand to another human across a coffee table, and ask others to make formal introductions for you to potential clients. There comes a time when easy emails, text messages, and social media marketing browsing doesn’t work anymore.

Consider trying the “old fashion” way of marketing to educate your customer base, create new vendor relationships, and gain publicity to grow your company because it works.

Note: The event wouldn’t be possible without the sponsorship support of TechCreative Web Design and Consulting and Angela LaVecchia of Frannet.

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