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Women Entrepreneurs – Inspirational Ideas from a Political Caucus

February 27, 2020

Thursday Thoughts for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business and Small Business Owners

Having never witnessed a caucus before an election year, I have watched intently as voters packed small rooms, large spaces, and outdoor venues to cast their “physical vote” for a candidate. I marveled at the visual separation of people in pews, on floors and in gym seating based on their personal choice for a candidate like Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobuchar. If I was a candidate, I would love to see the actual faces of the people supporting my election.

As a woman entrepreneur I have experienced my own “caucus experience” from my constituents when I host an event and see their faces in the audience or when I share information on social media and people “like” it or share it with others. In both cases, there is a visual recognition of support much like the political candidates witness at pre-caucus events. It is exhilarating to look into a crowd and see supporters face-to-face or hear their accolades in person.

I always glean business inspiration from ordinary events and this morning my mind is full of creative ways business owners can experience their own caucus moments in every day entrepreneurial life. I hope they inspire you today.

* Set a date to gather your loyal fans, customers and clients at a special event to not only see and count your constituents but to gather their perspectives and opinions. Be bold enough to ask and listen and walk away with a stronger sense of what matters to the people you serve.

* If an actual event is not a possibility for your type of business, create a customer survey to gather opinions on what matters to your clients, new ideas for services or products and reviews on your leadership. Data doesn’t lie. It can shine a light on areas of weakness and strength.

* Be prepared to communicate with customers after your “caucus” experiment to share new policies, practices or products that stem from their input. This will allow them to see you care what they think makes them even stronger supporters.

Remember you don’t have to be a political candidate to experience the exhilaration, views, and opinions of the ones you serve but you need to create opportunities to host your own special type of “caucus” activities to show your customers you care about what matters to them and take in the faces of your loyal supporters.

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