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What Are You Doing on Day 51?

February 20, 2020

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As I trudged through knee-high snow to get to my pool house which houses my treadmill in the winter, I relish my commitment to start running again this winter after a nine-month hiatus due to a hip tear injury. Fearful to slip on ice or slushy roads and re-injure myself, I am hitting the treadmill until winter goes back asleep. The fresh air hits my face making me smile for re-establishing a habit I have loved for twenty-five years.

Although the calendar says it is the 51st day of 2020, it feels like the 1st day when I set a goal to re-engage in fitness after taking a rest to possibly give my immune system time to calm down and grow hair again after losing it all to alopecia. “Rest is what you need, Tracy,” a few of my doctors said knowing I have run half and full marathons in the past. So I listened and followed their directions adding on pounds along the way.

“Small daily positive changes, lead to large changes,” Deepak Chopra says on a healing meditation listened to before traipsing down to the pool house. My scale doesn’t seem to agree quite yet with Deepak’s philosophy but I’m determined to start running again knowing my daily fitness routine is not causing my hair loss or I’d have a full head of hair by now. Once you try something for a long enough period of time, you can move on knowing a return to normal also helps.

Today, if you are feeling like your New Year’s Resolutions, are far gone, think again. Every day you have the ability to start again, setting small daily positive changes to accomplish that big goal. Just because we haven’t been on track for the first 50 days doesn’t mean you can’t get back to where you started and try again.

Set a series of small goals with realistic dates. Establish a system to track your progress even if its two steps forward and one step back. Announce your goal and keep it close where you can see it. Sign up for an event that will inspire you to hit the goal. Then get up every day and take those small changes necessary to move down the calendar days until you arrive right where you envision yourself to be. For me, it will be running in the beautiful spring air on a nature path outside enveloped in green spring buds. It is right around the corner and so is your big goal, let’s run forward together.

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