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It Takes One Step To Start Again

January 6, 2020

Monday Motivation, Inspiration and Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Women in Sports

It takes one step. One small step or one large leap but that’s all it takes. “It” could be a business move, running again, losing weight, writing a book, becoming a public speaker or even reconnecting with your audience. 2020 is upon us and it requires steps in a positive direction.

This morning after taking my first light jog since May 2019 when I tore my hip muscle, I became immediately exhilarated. The emotion didn’t come from my memories of running the 2017 Boston Marathon or running with International women in England in 2018, but from putting one step in front of the other and running slow for 2 miles and doing it! The success of those steps – as small as the seemed compared to other runs or mileage – was as important to me as the big accomplishments. I raised my hands in the air and said, “Good job Tracy! Do it again tomorrow!”

As I stretched my hip after the run, Jenna Bush Hager was interviewing Oprah Winfrey on her new “WW 2020 Vision Tour” which she began in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this week with special guest Lady Gaga. Oprah invited different passionate females to join her on stage at each tour stop – Girl that list is impressive! When asked by Jenna why she was doing a tour Oprah said, “I miss the connection with people like I had when I had a live TV audience.”

I know how Oprah feels since I have missed the same connections the past two years taking a part-time medical sabbatical to deal with the life-altering disease of Alopecia. To take care of my mental and physical state, I needed to retreat to someday reclaim my position in my company, society, and my community. I did lose business, members, and financial supporters but it was the price I had to endure to take care of myself to get through the ordeal.

Like Oprah, I hope to re-enter 2020 with a new radiance and hope to spread larger messages with women about self-image, wellness while working, changing as women age in business and more. I hope you’ll join me even if the events aren’t large or if you don’t believe I’m back. I’m committed to my audience starting with one step, one event, and one big goal of continuing to make a difference in the world for women. It is a risk I’m willing to take.

I know I’m not Oprah, but I know I have a passion like her to impact the lives of others. If you do too, take one step and join me at some of our events this year.

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