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Reminder: Publicity Begets Publicity Entrepreneurs

January 8, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Women In Business, Small Business Owners

Two years ago yesterday I rose at the crack of dawn and drove down Route 90 to the state’s capital to sit in the audience with other #MeToo women. I was fortunate to be invited by one of the Governor’s staffers. The event had pomp and circumstance, metal detectors, national figures like Tarana Burke (founder of the #MeToo Movement), and an energetic audience of politicians and invited guests to listen to the State of the State Address. Just like on television, different groups of people rose and sat, applauded and stayed silent, when they agreed or disagreed with an item in the speech. I felt like I was at the heartbeat of the nation that day.

If you wonder how the Governor’s staff knew I was a #MeToo survivor it was because of two things: taking 120 women to the Women’s March on Washington and promoting it and paying attention to national news stories and social sharing my experience using the #MeToo hashtag. The national story was everywhere and women were sharing their stories with me prompting me to share mine. Once again, sisterhood enveloped my desire to be open and honest to help others.

The invitation was also a product of speaking at a special forum on the need for an equal pay law when the New York State Labor Commissioner came to Syracuse. I testified on behalf of women entrepreneurs, who wanted an equal pay law passed since they follow the principles of corporate women who are underpaid. I never testified before but took a bold step to see what I could do and make positive changes for women. There I met staff from the Governor’s office.

As I look to reconnect with my paid members personally this year, I plan on inspiring them to gain more publicity for themselves. Any recent publicity about my plight with alopecia, means I have a chance to speak about the Women TIES mission and membership to drive more traffic to our site so others learn about the women business owners in our group. If saying “yes” to opportunities and being honest on social media can bring publicity to your door, which leads to more publicity, why not follow in my footsteps this year and try it?

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to motivate you to create a publicity plan for your business and yourself. Women entrepreneurs are their businesses so sharing personal successes, interests, involvement, and even struggles can gain media attention which provides valuable marketing exposure. Why do I show my bald head around town? Believe me, it’s not because I’m vain but because it gives me a chance to share my mission supporting women in business, sports, equality, and life with media looking to cover other women in future stories.

As I left the Bridge Street show yesterday after my appearance a reporter said, “Hey Tracy, I’m doing a special segment every week on people that are doing good things in the community, do you know of anyone?” I replied, “I sure have a bunch of awesome women entrepreneurs I can suggest now that you mention it!”

P.S. Let me know if you are doing something good in the Central New York community!

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