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Your One Word for 2020

December 31, 2019

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I lay quietly in bed for the first time in two weeks. My sons left our family celebration, filled with warmth, joy, and love, to go skiing with their friends for the New Year. My husband returned to work after a full week’s vacation. The house was quiet. My desk and “business” were downstairs waiting for activity while I took a few minutes to myself.

Leaving a monumental year, like 2019 was for me, deserved reflection. Gleaning some time to myself, I tiptoed back through each month reliving the memories and lessons. I should have expected it would be a revealing year when I accepted an invitation to Blue Mountain Lake Lodge in mid-January with a special friend and 15 other women to focus on moving forward in the New Year. It wasn’t until the last day of the retreat I admitted in our women circle I was wearing a wig and was actually bald. I felt like I was at an AA meeting announcing a truth.

As I left the rustic lodge and tranquil landscape, I was given a book called One Word That Will Change Your Life by one of the women in attendance. Everyone who reads the book contemplates a series of questions and arrives at their own one word to live out in the next year of their life. After reading the book, I arrived at my word which was acceptance. Accepting a radical change in identity and becoming a bald woman took acceptance on my part to move forward with life and business.

To my surprise just two months later, the Syracuse Post Standard, featured a two-page article on my diagnosis with Alopecia and a photo of my big, bald head on the front page. The video accompanying the photo had 10,000 views after a week shocking me in its outreach. Phone calls and text messages arrived from other people with Alopecia and love came from my members and community.

Four months later on a hot July afternoon, donning a pink baseball hat in my hometown with my best friend since the age of 4, acceptance took on another meaning as my friend Lynda wrote a check to fund my first book Under the Rose-Colored Hat to share the lessons of my story of acceptance, compassion, and kindness from others. I had to “accept” this very generous monetary gift to move forward. Last January 1st, I never expected to be a published author by the end of the year, and yet I was.

Two months following the gift from my friend, my youngest son’s friend, and 3 other young barbers, hosted an Alopecia Fundraiser to raise money for me and my cause; I had to accept $5,000 from the event keeping some of it and sharing the rest. Two months later, I accepted and applauded the people who donated $800 to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation on my Facebook birthday fundraiser. Accepting the monetary and personal generosity of so many gracious, giving people made my “one word” that much more special. A feeling I would have never known feeling last January reading the book and selecting my word.

Today’s final post of the year is meant to inspire you to consider one word to guide you into 2020. The book suggests unplugging from noise, answering a few questions like – “What do I need?” and “What’s in my way?” and “What needs to go?” When you are ready, listen to the answer in your heart and allow your higher faith to guide you with the answer. Once you discover your word, write it down, keep it in front of you, and live it! Watch what happens as your year unfolds.

Before the ball drops tonight on New Year’s Eve, I hope you take time to reminisce, contemplate, search, and find what you need most for the New Year ahead. Find your one word and put it in action. You might unravel the most perfect 2020 for you and you alone. Happy New Year!

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  1. Deb Balliet permalink
    December 31, 2019 5:38 pm

    Thank you Tracy. I appreciate and applaud yoru bravery and take inspiriation from it for me to address the things that confront me. Will be figuring out my “one word” in the final hours of 2019. Deb Balliet


  2. January 1, 2020 8:06 am

    What an amazing journey you have taken Tracy….and I am thankful you have taken us all along with you! As we start a new decade, your strength and love from those around you will most certainly continue you on your unique path. Happy New Year friend!


    • January 2, 2020 9:29 am

      I always hope the “journey” I detail inspires others with their own issues and circumstances. I hope to speak in 2020 on my book and lessons learned; maybe I’ll add Pittsburgh to an area I want to speak in so we can finally meet! Have a wonderful New Year to you, my friend. I am blessed to “know” you!! XO Tracy


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