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In Love With My Community

November 8, 2019

Friday Feeling, Inspiration, and Appreciation

Ever wake up one morning realizing you are part of a loving world? Perhaps that morning was the one after your wedding or after giving birth to a child, receiving an unexpected promotion at work with a big raise or finishing a marathon where you were carried to the finish line with cheers from the crowd? As a feeling of overwhelming peace and happiness embraces you that dawn, life is so beautiful.

This is the way I woke up today, the day after my 55th birthday. It was only seven months ago I appeared on the front page of my local newspaper in an article and photograph of my bald head and health condition. When the editors approached me about sharing my Alopecia diagnosis, I said “yes” immediately if it would help others know someone else had the disease in the community and to educate the masses about the condition. I wasn’t in it for the recognition and certainly not for a beauty contest! I made the decision from my heart, putting ego aside.

As $800 trickled in all day yesterday on my Facebook birthday fundraiser, with 100% of the donations going to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation to help find a cure for this disease that affects 6.8 million people globally, I realized I was living that kind of day that led to this morning when my heart has grown even larger.

Combined with another $4,500 raised in September at a local “Cuts for a Cure” by The Barber Shack, makes the current amount of money raised by friends and family at $5,300 in two months. I am deeply grateful for the people who have showed enormous love and affection to me and my cause the past few months. I am in awe of the abundance of good people in my circle.

In a few weeks, I’ll join a local family in speaking with two New York State Senators staff to ask for their support of a bipartisan bill to get passed in the House of Representatives and Senate to make wigs medical expenses and covered by insurance companies for people suffering from alopecia and cancer treatments. I plan on joiningthe National Alopecia Areata Foundation’s legislative volunteer committee to help with this endeavor.

Because of the support of so many people who have inspired me during this time in my life, I am equally inspired to help others with this disease and spread the good news of compassion, love and kindness in the world in a new book called “Under the Rose-Colored Hat” coming out later this month! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone. You are loved by me.

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