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Eyeing the Right Vendors

November 13, 2019

Inspiration, Success Strategies, Wednesday Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners and Small Businesses

It was a dark, rainy night traversing the highway to seek help. Cars were driving slower than normal because of the time change, weather conditions and deer standing next to the road ready to pounce into the fast-paced traffic lanes. It was the third time in a week the trip was necessary. Wishing it was mid-June, when light and warmth abound, deer joyfully bucking in the forest and highway speeds normal, I rode patiently in the automobile as my husband drove.

At the end of the ride, we pulled into a well-lit parking lot damp from the freezing drizzle. A warm glow radiated from the beautiful office windows welcoming me into its interior. With one eye open and the other one swollen from shingles, I could see well enough to find my way to the front desk where a cheerful receptionist remembered my name and welcomed me back. “Take a seat,” she said with a smile on her face. The warming colors of the room enveloped me in comfort as I waited to see the doctor.

All of a sudden my reflective mood was jolted by the sound of a kazoo followed by the infamous “Happy Birthday” song coming from behind the receptionist counter. The sudden festivity of the moment made me smile and grateful for traveling so far for the appointment. Not everyone wants to spend their birthday at a doctor’s office so when it happens, it’s a pleasant surprise to be elevated with song and smiles.

The ophthalmologist was squeezing me in since the shingles developed on my eyeball so I had to wait patiently for her appearance in my room. The office manager, a familiar woman to me since this practice is a long-time member of my organization, came in to keep me company. My nerves settled as we spoke about life, business and family matters. Once the doctor appeared, the diagnosis was expertly made and I left trusting my eye sight would improve.

Settling back into the car for the same drive home, I said to my husband, “That visit was so worth the trip because I love the way that business welcomes their customers, the expert advice they give and the trust in their services.” I don’t think he rolled his eyes because I couldn’t see anyways but he knows I believe so strongly in my corporate mission of supporting women entrepreneurs regionally that he agreed and drove me home in the dark, rainy night.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you some of the best customer service you’ll receive will be from female entrepreneurs because women care. Women stay in business longer than men because they are natural caregivers and providers for others. In my opinion, they understand what other women need and deliver better practices and services. It could have been the kazoo that moved me to feel this way but I believe it was entire positive interactions in the visit.

Take a look at your customer service policy today and ramp it up a bit if you think you could be doing better for your clients. They are our companies’ life-blood. We want to think they’d drive an hour each way on a dark, formidable night to seek our help. If we are doing our job right, they will.

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