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November Can Bring Out the Best In Us

November 4, 2019

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November is known as the month of Thanksgiving. Most of us think of this month full of sage-smelling aromas, bright cranberry sides, dark green earthy vegetables and American turkey. Besides loving this month because my birthday falls in the beginning of it, I have loved it for the warm-hearted spirit it produces in our nation. We pause to recognize our blessings both big and small.

This morning when I read the news and saw the photo of NYPD widow Lisa Tuozzolo who completed the 26.2 mile New York City Marathon in honor of her slain husband, I paused. The 43 year old woman lost her husband three and a half years ago in the line of duty. To honor him this year, Lisa ran not only for him, but to raise money for the Silver Shield Foundation, a charity that gives education funds to children of fallen officers.

The best part of the story for me wasn’t the fact this stoic woman ran her first marathon, because many of us do and I can speak of its power to finish one, but to raise money to help others. At each mile mark, a couple NYPD policemen got in and ran with her providing energy and love. Joining their mom at the finish line were sons Austin and Joseph ages 7 and 6 to make it extra special.

The world doesn’t show its kindness in this way all the time so soaking up this New York Post story made me realize how amazing most people are – like Lisa, her brave husband and his fellow policeman. I have witnessed this kind of loving support when I ran the 2017 Boston Marathon with Team 261 Fearless, during my fundraising efforts to eradicate alopecia in the form of many fundraisers like the one I have going now on Facebook at this link, and in everyday life. Goodness is all around us if you look for it.

During this month of November, why not pledge to do something really good for someone else, an organization, community members in need or someone in your family who is struggling. My new book “Under the Rose-Colored Hat” will soon be printed and focused on part of this theme. I hope it helps change the world from my vantage point this November because I am so thankful for the women entrepreneurs who stuck by me, family and friends who supported me and strangers who hugged me based on my baldness. The world is so much better than we hear on the news – unless they are producing a story like Lisa Tuozzolo’s.

P.S. In case you didn’t know, many major city marathons give charity bibs to non-profit organizations to help them raise money for their cause. Runners who wouldn’t typically time-qualify for a major marathon can run by “donating money” to get a bib and support a cause near and dear to their heart. Check it out and sign up for one!

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