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Using Humor in Business

October 30, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Female Entrepreneurs

Zig Zilar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Thinking back to business class syllabuses, I don’t remember “Humor in Business” as a mandatory course. But some of the greatest corporate icons use humor to talk business. “I choose the lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it,” says Bill Gates.

Blessed with a keen sense of wit, and sometimes slap-stick humor from my parents, I use humor at events and writing to bring a chuckle, smile or spark in someone’s eye. I love levity, especially in the serious matters of life and entrepreneurship. How else does a woman business owner get through rejected proposals, unruly clients, shifting economic environments and mercury retrogrades (aka tech problems)?

As evident by tomorrow’s date, consider the funny or light hearted costumes you or other people wear on Halloween to express their witty side. My favorite costume in 1975 wasn’t the Big Fig Newton (that was my sister’s); it was the Statue of Liberty. Even young, I had to put on a good “public” face in the crowd. How much more noble than the Statue of Liberty can you get? Halloween allows people once in the year to walk around in apparel to spread laughter to others.

This year I will be dressed up as a bald, one eye patched feminist pirate to complement my current alopecia baldness with the new shingles diagnosis on the right eye and side of my head. A lovely combination at that! One worthy of leading and educating a prestigious group of highly successful New York State women entrepreneurs – wouldn’t you say? As if being bald hasn’t wiped out my physical identification as a women entrepreneur, a patch over my right eye sure does!

The “beauty” of today’s insight is to be honest with you about my current situation hoping if you are facing a bad spot in business or life, you know you aren’t alone. 24 years of supporting women in business means sharing the very best and worst of times knowing we are sisters in this journey. Remember, I’m always here to help.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you to periodically look at difficult work days with some levity of your own. When harsh realities of life strike, realize it could impact your business life and that’s okay. We are not perfect business women 100% of the time. There are such things as vacation and sick days we can employ just like our corporate friends. If a situation removes you from duties longer than expected, simply communicate your situation or timeline with customers so they are aware. Use a sense of humor if it helps.

Remember if you see any typos in today’s post, it’s because I’m typing with only one eye to get this message to you on time, Never stop laughing!

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