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Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration and Love on the Anniversary of 9/11

September 11, 2019

Inspiration and Love on 9/11

Flying into the beautiful blue sky this morning, just as blue as it was 18 years ago today, are new friends traveling to our nation’s capitol to lobby for wigs for alopecia sufferers to be accepted as medical prosthetics, not beauty adornments. After taking 120 women to the Women’s March in Washington in January 2017, I thought about the thrill of returning again to DC to stand up for something I believe in. Then the image of the second plane, piercing through one of the Twin Towers in New York City with my friend Dan Brandhorst in it, made me retreat from the invitation to stay safe at home.

In an early morning text message to my friends, I told them to fly safe and lobby well knowing I would be there in spirit. I hate the feeling of fear. I’ve hated it ever since 9/11/01 when flying became a dangerous, painful threat in my psyche. I often wonder if I’d be less fearful if I didn’t have a friend die in that plane. Fear has slowly loosened it grips on my life accepting the fact my sons live and work in New York City and when I reluctantly fly for vacations or work; but it is far from gone especially on today’s anniversary.

Being brave means having courageous behavior or character like the guys in United Airlines 93 plane that attacked the hijackers crashing the plane and ending their lives in a Pennsylvania field or like Welles Crowther, an American equities trader and volunteer firefighter known for saving 18 lives and losing his own on 9/11. I’ve been brave many times in my life like running in the 2017 Boston Marathon, starting two businesses, and standing up for women’s rights. Overcoming fear is exhilarating; but bravery doesn’t appear when I decide to fly. I just do it praying to God he has the plane in the palm of his hand. It’s the only visualization I use to board.

When fear moves to freedom it means we claim the power to act, speak or think again without hindrance or restraint. Most days I’m free of 9/11 memories and fears except for today when the images and thoughts of my friend overwhelm me. I pray we never experience another day like that just like I continue to pray for the people who were killed that day and their families and friends.

My friend Dan was a risk taking guy and he would never be afraid to fly again after an incident like 9/11. He would move on with his life traveling coast to coast as a tax accountant enjoying his life with his partner and son. Because of this thought, I continue to push past my fear into a new light where he would want me to be and live.

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