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Monday Motivation – Let Love Rule Your Week

September 9, 2019

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The last time I felt this loved on a Monday was in 2017 as I ran through the iconic 26.2 Boston Marathon route from Hopkinton to Boston. The entire Boston community cheered on runners of all abilities, at every single running spot along the route and stayed for the last of the runners. They offered hugs, ice, orange slices, cheers, and encouragement every single step of the way. I felt the love of the crowd which has stayed with me for two years.

Today I am basking in the same kind of compassion and love after yesterday’s The Barber Shack’s “Cuts for a Cure” when 4 talented twenty year old barbers cut 66 men’s hair for a donation instead of being paid on their day off. The entire family of Ryley Shackleton, the owner of The Barber Shack, ran the event seeking donations from local businesses, cooking food, selling raffle tickets and greeting anyone who stopped by to support me and raise money to find a cure for Alopecia. Overwhelmed by the generosity, I remain speechless this morning.

When it was time to announce the grand total amount raised inside this quaint, yet manly barber shop, Ryley came and got me to make sure I was there to hear the donation total. His gentle disposition and caring eyes were beaming a bit so I knew the total touched his heart. “We raised $3,667 dollars today!” I added, “We also raised another $557 online through GoFundMe.” The crowd applauded realizing $4,214 was the total amount donated for the entire event.

Every day I watch the news trying to search for a piece of love, warmth and charity in it. All I need is one journalist to focus on the good in America not the guns, prejudice or discrimination because I know from my own human story there is so much more good in the world than bad. I saw it in the streets of Boston. I saw it yesterday and I know I’ll see it today. Why, because it’s true and I take time to notice it.

Human beings crave love and affection from their closest friends, family and even from strangers in their community. It can come in the form of a hug, holding a door open, donating to charity, lending an ear, offering friendship, being compassionate and even envisioning someone else’s life of pain before making a judgment. Sure there are crappy people in this world who want to harm others but I don’t believe it’s nearly as many people as the media showcases.

As you start another work or school week, I hope you find in your heart and community the kind of compassion, love and charity I found yesterday at our small fundraising event in a quiet village in the heart of New York State where neighbors help neighbors, hugs are given for free, people open up their pocketbooks and hearts to give and joy fills the air. Love is everywhere, you just have to look for it…or be it.

A special thank you to Liz Doran of and the Syracuse Post Standard, for being the type of reporter and media that share what’s happening good in our community.

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