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Horseback Riding, Women Entrepreneurs and Economic Connections

September 13, 2019

Inspiration, Motivation and Insight for Women Entrepreneurs and Women in Business

In the deep chill and white abyss of winter, today’s gallop through Highland Forest on the leather saddle of my horse Apollo will be remembered with fond memories. Past fields of goldenrod swaying in the wind, faces full of tree leaves every time my horse dropped his head suddenly to chew on grass and the amber light hitting deep green leaves making them reflect gold, I took in the adventure. As our horses swayed us back and forth upon their sturdy backs on dirt trails, they transformed us to a meditative state of mind.

Going horseback riding was a bucket-list item of mine for awhile since I haven’t been on a horse since childhood. Every day my office window faces a horse barn with these beautiful creatures munching on grass or sunning themselves in the light. By now I should have walked over to my neighbors and paid for a lesson but that would be too easy; instead I dreamed of riding horseback on a late summer day like today with other women.

What I’ve learned for six years producing quarterly athletic and outdoor adventures for women entrepreneurs is how easy it is for them to bond with each other. Remove them from a computer and office restraints and even a boring hotel venue and they become alive more willing to share their interests, needs and opinions. No matter if I take women white water rafting, zip lining, or supporting women basketball players at a game, they’re happy. We finally tapped into what men have been doing for years – doing business on the golf course and enjoying it.

At the end of riding, through stunning vistas upon majestic animals, we chatted over snacks and drinks sharing sales questions, management challenges and rebranding issues. These women didn’t know each other until the moment they got on the horses and voila an hour and a half later we could easily share thoughts about disappointments, fears and hardships in laughter and support.

In a business world that keeps changing from set office hours to 24/7 response time, and stale office settings to pool house office space, women are adapting, changing and contributing to the economy the way they like. Entrepreneurship offers freedom and flexibility so spending a Friday afternoon networking via horseback made perfect sense to the women who joined me.

With laughs, comes trust and with shared experience, comes faster more intense connections. Women are different from men in so many ways and one of them is allowing themselves time to not only be serious about their business, but fun-loving when an opportunity arises. My hope when an experience like today’s is over is that the women who attended feel relaxed, joyful, connected, and ready to do business in the future with the women they bond with on the adventure.

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