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A Three Down Load Day

June 11, 2019

Inspiration, Motivation and Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs

In the midst of a phone call with a dear friend experiencing similar occurrences in life, she interrupted me in the middle of a sentence to say, “Hold on a minute, I’m having an enlightened download to share with you.” I paused to receive the gifted insight I had been searching for through meditation and reading. “This happens to me all the time and I wanted you to hear the message,” she said. Wise enough to know when something special is being said; I listened and accepted the meaning.

While on the phone call with this friend, one of my sisters called who typically doesn’t ring because she is busy being a successful realtor, mother and grandmother. “Tracy, I had to share something with you that hit me today about your health,” she said. I listened as she shared information about a health practice I used to do that I stopped. She sensed the practice would help my alopecia. Wise enough to know when something educational is being shared; I listened and agreed with her.

As I drove to have lunch with a long time advisor and friend retiring from her job where I first met her when I was 20 years old, I felt the day was already special with its unique perceptions. Two hours later, returning home I didn’t turn on the radio, but rather listened silently to the ‘pearls of wisdom’ shared from this friend. I didn’t need to download a CD of music to guide me home but rather listened gently to our conversation again downloading the special words.

So often women entrepreneurs work solo, keeping them buoyed up with positivity to handle work load, clients and proposals on their own. Some have a team of associates, mentors or advisors in their pocket to help when needed with the physical tasks of running a business; but many don’t seek the “downloads” of advice from individuals, who know them well, to guide them through a day, week or month. Confident and independent they rely on their selves too much and too long before realizing others have the wisdom they need.

Today be inspired to pause and ask yourself if you are too self-reliant and missing the value of inspirational ‘downloads’ from others. Women don’t always like to ask for help because we don’t want to burden others with our problems; when instead other women are happy to lend the advice we need to see a way through a murky situation helping us gain clarity.

In today’s technological world, we easily download music, computer programs and new apps but we don’t easily download inspiration from others when we need it most. Let’s change that and allow ourselves time to share and listen for unique downloads from people who care about us most.

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