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Increasing Creativity Influences Women in Business

June 12, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom and Success Strategies for Women in Business, Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Sports

A popular country band was headlining at the St. Joseph’s Amphitheater, on the shores of Onondaga Lake Sunday night, so I decided to paddle towards the venue in my bright pink kayak, wondering how fun it would be to listen to the band later that night by kayak. I thought to myself, “I could actually create an Uber-like water taxi to take someone with me.”

As I shouted the idea to my husband, we hitched our kayaks next to each other in the middle of the lake jokingly discussing the concept. Joy filled my spirit. We sat for awhile in great conversation about his work and my business in yellow sunlight with calm breezes blowing us gently back and forth. I wondered out loud how I could share this two hour experience with women entrepreneurs without access to kayaks and lakeside conversations.

Remembering I was trying to share my beautiful pool house and pool with women this summer, I thought why not add kayaking chats to the new business service lineup? For two hours a woman entrepreneur could join me in on the lake, taking in the serenity and fitness, while chatting about her business and life from time-to-time as we drifted, while I offer an ear or advice based on my 24 years as a woman entrepreneur. Boom!

Boom!? Yes, Boom!

Sometimes that is how women entrepreneurs use their creativity to dream up new or expanded business services and products. It can come as easily as a serene moment on a lake when peace envelops us allowing insights to surface, just like fish coming to a lake’s upper level. Ideas can also be generated by sitting behind a desk in an office but most times it is a restricted flow because social media bings, telephone calls and noise takes over our mental airwaves.

Am I serious about this offer, well yes I am! How would it work? How will I get customers? What insurance do I need? What is the price? Well, that’s the excitement of being a small business owner, I have time to create a small business plan and add it to my existing website and start promoting it on social media. Isn’t that one thing we love about being women entrepreneurs; the freedom to innovate, create, sell and service new ideas whenever we want?

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom hopefully inspires you to either join me for a two hour kayak trip to stir up your own longings or to motivate you to find a different, peaceful environment to allow deep ideas to surface. You might be thinking you just need to come up for air instead of adding something new; well that’s okay because you can! Permitting yourself time to enjoy and relish a new environment might be the catalyst to spur on your next business idea or even give you time to relax to get your workload done.

You know where you can find me if you need advice or help – poolside or kayaking – ready to listen, converse and help you think about new offerings for your business.

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