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Global Connections alongside Community Efforts

June 10, 2019

Inspiration,Monday Motivation for women, women entrepreneurs,and women in sports

Across the pond in England, one of my Women Can Marathon running partners Jo Moseley, another mid-fifties aged woman, finds daily joy in SUP (standing up paddle boarding) on the ocean. Through Twitter, I see four daily shots of her before or after her daily adventure wishing I could wake up and teleport to the northern English seashore to join her. I feel our chance meeting wasn’t chance, but one of those divine moments when you meet a soul who speaks to yours.

Besides paddle boarding Jo also performs the act of a #twominutebeachcleanup seaside, trying to help the beautiful oceans remain free from debris. When she isn’t paddle boarding, she dedicates time to #plogging – picking up litter as she jogs.

The plight of pollution in our oceans is becoming a well-known issue especially when discussed by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, film star, who created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. One of his six main program areas is Oceans Conservation.

With my bright pink kayak by my side both Saturday and Sunday, I had both Jo and Leonardo in mind as we launched our boats at a dirty grass area next to the water’s edge of once polluted Onondaga Lake Park. The lake is still in the progress of clean up. You can tell the community doesn’t trust the waters yet as we, a handful of fisherman, and one other kayaker was on the entire water on a picture perfect sunny day.

I searched for plastic on top the water as my husband when scouting for fish but I saw none. The only items dotting the water’s surface were white cottonwood blooms floating in air and landing gently on the lake. They sparkled in the sunlight like tinsel on a Christmas tree. There was no floating debris in the water – a good sign.

Upon reaching shore, I took two minutes to pick up a plastic bag left by past fisherman and filled it with a couple soda cans buried in the sand next to the shore, candy wrappers and old bait containers and their tops. It took less than two minutes to stop and look and take action. As I walked to the nearby garbage can, easily accessible for anyone to see, I was happy I contributed in this small way to our environment.

As I tweeted a photo my husband took of me and shared it on Twitter, I received the following retweet from Jo Moseley‏(@Healthyhappy50) “Wow! How wonderful; thank you @WomenTIES! Tracy, from Central New York, is doing her #2minutelitterpick after kayaking! The @2minbeachclean family is truly global! #plogging #shepaddles #2minutebeachclean.” Her retweet has been shared by many new global friends who also take care of the envirnoment. It feels cool to be connected accross the world with like-minded people.

Might you join us and even start following these efforts or other twitter hashtag efforts you are interested in partaking in? Twitter isn’t just for tweeting social or business news but also community wide efforts and global happenings. Get yourself and your company involved!

Follow 2 Minute Beach Clean at
Follow Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and their work at:

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