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Commitment – The Key To Every Success

May 9, 2019

Inspiration, Thursday Thoughts and Motivation for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Sports

As I read my Twitter feed this morning, two women I follow spoke about commitment – one about a personal commitment to obtain her PhD and the other committed to running a new long distance. The readings were followed by a phone call with a trusted nutritionist where I agreed to commit to a 100% healthy food intake to aid my body with an autoimmune disease. I vowed not only to myself but to her that I was ready to commit as my last option in this health journey with Alopecia.

I know I can do it because I’m a woman of commitment when I look at celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary in September or beginning my 24th year as a woman entrepreneur. I also see commitment to motherhood having two successful professional sons working in New York City after raising them while running a home-based business in the mid-1990s before technology made it easy and home based businesses were acceptable. I witnessed commitment when I trained for and ran the 2017 Boston Marathon. Yes, I can commit. I have proof.

So why is it so hard for women like me, with a track record of successful commitments, to start a new journey where commitment seems difficult? Shouldn’t two decades of experience, proof and tenacity prove strength and loyalty to a cause when we begin again? I think it is because women are doubtful of their own success no matter how many times they prove it to themselves. I know this happens in the business world as well as any career field. We doubt ourselves until we prove to ourselves we did it.

What can a doubtful woman or woman entrepreneur do to shore up her belief in herself? I have a few suggestions:

1. Look inside yourself and “feel” the commitment. You know when you are internally moved to try something challenging. It’s an instinct and knowing. If the thought to try something different or hard comes up time and again, act on it understanding it’s your own voice urging you to try and succeed.

2. Support your action by reading, watching or following someone who has accomplished similar challenges – whether it’s a woman who tripled her income in a year or a female who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Soak in their motivation, steps and strategies to accomplish your new big undertaking.

3. Write down the goal. Set a timeframe to it. Set action steps. Announce it to the world. Keep your plan close by and then do it! Start. Begin. Believe. Know.

“You Got This!” is a phrase I’ve heard throughout the years when I publicly acknowledged a new big feat. Announcing goals is a positive way to begin accountability and support from those who follow you. Be committed. Stay the course. Begin. Go do it!

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