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Business Is For Participating Not Spectating

May 8, 2019

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These wise words of fatherly advice fell on the ears of a twelve year old girl, “Life is for participating, not spectating.” This resounding statement guided the tenacious girl through fifty years of her life leading her to an iconic status in her field. This statement is appropriate for every girl, boy, man and woman – especially women entrepreneurs.

In Kirsten Gillibrand’s “Off the Sidelines,” the now 2020 Presidential Candidate and New York State Senator recounts her personal journey in public service and galvanizes women to make a meaningful difference in the world around them. Similar to Kathrine Switzer’s father’s advice, Gillibrand empowers women to participate in government instead of being a public spectator.

Women who start their own companies understand these two pieces of advice because they took the leap of faith to become entrepreneurs thus entering the marketplace instead of taking the corporate route or just buying from others. They may or may not had someone advise them to get off the sidelines or stop spectating; but they jumped in boldly.

Entrepreneurship should never be a career of spectating but rather one of moderate changes and challenges. A woman can’t run a company the same way for 5, 10 or 20 years and not dismount the familiar sideline and re-enter once time, opportunities and economic factors demand it. Part of being a smart entrepreneur is acknowledging when one has sat on the sidelines too long, keeping services and products status quo, thus needing to make a splash back into the marketplace in a new way.

Sometimes the test for a solo business woman is understanding when too much time has passed before making a new move in their journey. Just when they get a certain level of comfort with what they sell and customers they serve, it might be time to innovate to keep from sitting on the sidelines too long again.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to provoke thoughts on whether you are spectating or participating to the best of your abilities in your industry and marketplace. If you feel you have been sitting on the sidelines too long, what can you do to re-enter or make new changes? Does attending an industry conference, learning new skills, finding a new economic advisor or pairing up with another business, excite you to start making changes?

Take today to think about what you could be doing differently and then begin with an action plan and new fire in your heart.

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