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Equality Efforts Are Possible At All Stages of Life

March 12, 2019

Inspiration for women entrepreneurs, college age females, women in sports, girls

Envisioning a room full of college age females coming to hear inspiration to follow their dreams in the male dominated STEAM fields, I found inspiration for the keynote speech I’m working on from a recent article about 9 year old Riley Morrison. Morrison wrote a hand written note to NBA player Step Curry about creating his Curry 6 basketball shoe in sizes for girls to wear. Not only did Riley grab Curry’s attention but she designed the sockliner for the shoes.

Curry is the father of two girls and perhaps Riley’s request touched a heart cord. According to ESPNW, Curry stated, “Riley has boldly set an inspiring example for not only my daughters but girls all around the world,” Curry said in a statement to espnW. “You’re never too small or too young for your voice to be heard.” The release of the shoes are believed to be the first time a marquee male athlete has been the face of a basketball shoe made specifically for women and girls.

College age females must believe they have the education, motivation and tenacity to pursue any field they want as they begin their careers, especially in male-dominated fields in science, engineering, math and technology. As girls age, they can lose their bravado to believe they can do anything a boy can do. Because Riley Morrison was age 9, with a passion for basketball following in a hometown star’s footsteps, she wrote the letter believing she could make a difference. When do girls stop believing they can do anything their heart desires? We must make sure they don’t!

Although Riley isn’t a college student in a STEAM field, she may become one after this incredible experience at an early age. I not only applaud Step Curry for his part in this story but all the mothers and fathers and mentors who believe a girl can do anything a boy can do at any age. Let’s not stop believing equality is possible at any time in life.

Any women interested in partaking in the STEAM Congress in Utica College on March 28th, should reach out to this link for more information.

To watch Riley Morrison’s video on ESPNW, click here

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