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International Women Have Enriched My Life

March 8, 2019

Inspiration for International Women’s Day

Every morning I look at my Twitter feed to find a new post from my International friend Jo Moseley. Jo and I met last year in England when we ran on the same all women team in the “Women Can Marathon” in Devon. I wanted to run overseas and only with women. Through the International Organization 261Fearless, I found 3 women to run with; each one from a different country. Tanja was from Switerland and working in the Netherlands, Jo was from Northern England and Josie was from Malta. I was the lone American teaming with “brilliant” women from other countries.

To say, I was impressed with the immediate connections when we formed the team, is an understatement. I’ve supported American women entrepreneurs for 24 years and only one of my members is from overseas – Chen Zucker from Israel. In 2015, I met Kathrine Switzer who opened my world to International women including women from Australia, Iceland, Austria, New Zealand, Malaysia, England and France. I have also met fantastic women from all over America with 261 Fearless especially women in Texas, Chicago, Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts. My world filled up with wonderful, warm female connections from all over the globe making me feel like I really belonged and could bond from women from anywhere.

Today on International Women’s Day, I am so happy I met Kathrine and my International running friends. I know if I go anywhere in the world to travel, I can find a friendly 261Fearless female friend to talk and run with. My life experiences before 2015 were with American women, who I still adore, but now I have a world of women relationships that make my life so much richer.

I hope today you decide to take one step forward to connect or expand your relationships and networks with women who live in different countries. The photo above is me a few years ago having dinner with new Canadian women business owners. Support women in your local, regional or state communities. Hold out a hand to women across our great nation. Fly overseas and embrace an International woman. Let’s keep becoming friends and supporters of women everywhere on the globe. Let’s fight for female justice and equality in all things, in all countries.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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